Saturday, 11 May 2013

The ubiquitous vintage band tee raises some issues with integrity. I have some conflicting feelings about faux-vintage, but with its proliferation on the high street, it's almost inescapable. I think the general rules to follow are:
1) Does the design match your usual aesthetic?
2) Is it EVERYWHERE? Ramones tees circa mid-2000s, I'm looking at you...
3) Can you name at least some of their discography?

I think the above shirt certainly fulfils criteria one and three for me. Time will tell if the producers of this top will render criteria two true. I like my tees thin and soft enough to sleep in but cute enough to wear out for impromptu picnics.

Warning: Haters gonna hate. You'll have those hardcore members who believe you're only legitimately allowed to wear a vintage band tee as long as your mother bought it from the merchandise stand at the concert in '78 where she met your dad before they eloped... or something equally contrived. I've definitely been guilty of tossing around the "poser" tag, we all have, right?


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