Where to eat in Canberra

Where to eat in Canberra

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Monday, 28 April 2014

I'm back! In the near year that has elapsed since I last posted, I have found what I'm pretty sure is my favourite chai in Canberra, have moved off campus into an apartment that is slowly being decorated, still slipping in French words when they're not called for, on the hunt for my dream job and trying to wedge in the unachievable balance between study and socialising. 

What spurned on this sudden desire to start reposting? Last night I received a very exciting email stating that I have been selected to be one of the 101 Local Humans as part of a Canberra's 2014 Human Brochure initiative. I will be posting updates on my Twitter and instagram as I go along, but hopefully this can serve as another platform for more detailed updates of my adventures. All my gratuitous shots of the meals my friends patiently wait for me to take photos of before tucking in immediately felt vindicated.

Some goodies I'm lusting after to reward myself:
Nars Lip Pencil in Sex Machine. Always on the hunt for a new pinky nude.

Orchids. After the Maticevski show, I have become enraptured with the idea of having an orchid in the kitchen. 
Byredo perfume. Cult status achieved.

Birkenstocks. Probably worthy of a whole post as they are really divide people, but I am obsessed. Even if we are coming into winter, I have my eyes firmly focused on a pair of black Arizonas. 

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