Monday, 13 May 2013

It's like Topshop's designers go "How much money can we extract out of Cassie by creating articles of clothing that she can rationalise as being necessities?"
 Firstly, the snuggest jumper I own. Hugs the body tight across the top with the high-front-low-back that makes it perfect for hiding your toosh away when paired with leggings. Incredibly soft as well.

 Secondly, a long sleeve sheer blouse. Super versatile, wore this out for drinks and dancing with friends. Pretty underwear is a must - play it subtle with a beige/pink, or minx-y with black Elle Macpherson Intimates.

 Finally, a chiffon pale pink 3/4 length dress. I was feeling unsure about this dress when I first spotted it in store (the colour caught my eye pretty much instantaneously), but after seeing a girl in the local Sainsbury's pairing it with a denim jacket and brown ankle boots, I fell in love with this look. Can't wait to wear this around London this weekend.


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